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GreenScience has created the world's most sustainable, eco-friendly waste management methodology for organic waste materials, which are a major environmental, economic and social problem. It fundamentally addresses the issue, and has developed an environmentally sensitive solution that reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with waste collection and disposal by 99%. Watch our video and explore our site to learn more.


At the heart of the GreenScience model resides the GS Organic Residuals Upgrader. The technology employed in this device is unlike anything else on the market. Available in three sizes, the unit produces a highly valued natural soil-amendment from organic waste.

Our pick-up service is designed for business that generate organic waste or residuals, and are looking for a highly reliable, sustainable and responsible means to dispose of them. Ganging several of the largest units together with the associated equipment, GreenScience will establish OR2S (Organic Residuals To Soil) factories for the GreenScience Pick-Up model.

In addition to the GreenScience Pick-Up model, we offer customized solutions of scaled-down installations for customers who singly generate significant quantities of organic residuals, such as supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, large restaurants, food courts, military bases and correctional facilities. Customers producing less than one ton of organic residuals per day generally fit the GreenScience On-Site model.


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