In addition to the GreenScience Pick-Up model, we offer customized solutions of scaled-down installations for customers who singly generate significant quantities of organic residuals, such as supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, large restaurants, food courts, military bases and correctional facilities. Customers producing less than one ton of organic residuals per day generally fit the GreenScience On-Site model.

Reducing waste and recycling at the point of generation are key objectives for a sustainable organization.  The on-site process starts with a FREE waste audit* that gives us an understanding of the types and volumes of organic residuals being generated.  We then work with you to reduce the amount of organic residuals that you generate, and also provide you with the solution to recycle the remainder with our OR2S System.  GreenScience’s in-house engineering team will design your OR2S system and develop a process to streamline the operation to reduce the amount of labour required for disposal.

OR2S is customized for your business and is a completely secure system that eliminates odor and dramatically reduces infestation risks.  Our smallest Organic Residuals Upgrader’s wireless web-enabled control system delivers peace of mind by eliminating the  worry about the disposal of your organic residuals.  The small footprint inherent in our OR2S design allows the system to be installed without taking up any more space than the bins you are currently using for disposal.  In fact, OR2S often takes up less space!

Using OR2S on-site, the process is as complicated as throwing trash into a compactor!



Please call or click here to arrange a free waste audit  to determine whether your business can benefit from the WormWorks onsite solution!


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