At the heart of the GreenScience model resides the GS Organic Residuals Upgrader. The technology employed in this device is unlike anything else on the market. The unit produces a highly valued natural soil-amendment from, quite literally, garbage. Available in three sizes, the wirelessly self-monitoring system takes a 400 million year-old technology, the worm, and places it in an optimized natural environment to quickly and efficiently produce high value worm castings. The Upgraders process a wide range of urban and agricultural waste streams such as food, paper, garden, textile, equine or dairy residuals. The proprietary design of the GreenScience Organic Residuals Upgrader is the most advanced in the world; it is fully aerobic, has the fastest throughput and produces the highest quality worm castings available. The high nutrient value of the feed stock is concentrated and stabilized through the process, with no by-products or pollution created. We are committed to returning waste organic matter back to the land as worm castings; a valuable and top-quality growth substrate with a wide range of agricultural and horticultural applications. They are completely natural, stable, and ten times more fertile than the best available traditional compost. Waste processed in the system is harvested as worm-castings 20 days after its insertion. The Upgrader is designed to be in constant operation, with daily waste input and continuous worm castings production, which is partially dried and readied for removal within the unit itself. Worm Castings are generated at a ratio of 50:1 to gross wet weight of waste, and are batch harvested on a semi-monthly basis. The process itself is proprietary with global patents pending. The GreenScience model employs two distinct methodologies, both based on the the versatile range of GS Organic Residuals Upgrader.


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